Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Deck the Halls.. fa la la la la

The decs are up! We had DH's cousins over for our annual pre-Christmas feasting so I had to get the house decorated. The little tree above belonged to my gran, she died in 1986 not many months before DS1 was born. She was a fab gran and I used to stay with her quite a lot. This always reminds me of her. I updated the little baubles this year as I found some small enough for the tree.
Here are some of my favourite decorations. The little wreath came from a craft fair in Edinburgh about two years ago. The Rocking horse, Mrs Mouse (as she is known) and the C for Cow were all gifts from my Mum, mostly brought back from the USA.

I bought the blue bauble a couple of years ago after we redecorated the kitchen, where the Christmas tree lives, in shades of turquoise blue. I just couldn't go the whole hog and get rid of my special baubles and decorations, so there is blue tinsel and a few blue baubles but I still have all the old favourites.

I 'wrapped' the vase in holographic wrapping paper and the stuff in it goes with the kitchen colours.

Here is the festive table. I made the table cloth and it comes out every year, it has a border of holly patterned fabric, you can't see it here.

...and here is the tree, not a real one, because the oil stove would kill it in a matter of a few days. The coloured lights were a gift from my friend who was eventually my bridesmaid. She gave them to us as a housewarming present when we bought our first flat in December 1980. That is value for money!!!


  1. Love the festive decor, Janice. That tablecloth looks fab.

    Was really frosty here on Monday morning too - brrr

    Lisa xoxo

  2. All very festive, Janice! And you were brave going out in the cold to get those gorgeous photos!

  3. What a lovely festive house you have Janice. How precious is that tree of your gran's? What a lovely thing to get out each year as a reminder of her.


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