Friday, 28 December 2007

My Christmas Presents

Here are some of my Christmas Presents. The jumper and the cardigan that I mentioned in aprevious post, the Organised and Inspired Scrapbooker (I've read two pages so far), the blue thing at the front is a glass bowl which my SIL gave me, lovely shape and colour. At the back the Curry book, some lovely dark chocolate in there too. You can just see the pink handle of my new Crop-a-dile and a Clinique eyeshadow and right at the back under the Scrapbooker are the Adobe Photoshop Elements books. Only your best friend could give you Clarins Mains de Jeunesse hand cream for AGE SPOTS!!!! It is really thoughtful of her as I have had trouble wearing my wedding ring as my finger seems to break out and become sore - seems a bit strange after wearing it for 26 years, but it must be my age lol.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Lucky you Janice!

    With your wedding ring, do you make sure that you dry underneath it every time you wash your hands or get them wet? If I don't, I end up with contact dermatitis under there. Since drying my hands properly with particular attention to my ring finger, I don't suffer any more! It may be worth a try. I also get through LOADS of hand cream to keep them soft as a baby's bum! LOL


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