Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The View - March

Here is the view in March for Lucky Snapping in 2013.  I took the photo on Monday morning and there was quite a hard frost as you can see from the car, the fields and the misty background.  So what has changed since February?  Not a great deal, but I did clear out the pots that had the remains of last year's bedding plants in them and put the pots of bulbs on the patio.

You cna see that some of the little flag irises have already started to bloom!


  1. Not a lot has changed with my view except last month washing out and this week gardening has started but like you no daffs yet.
    Nice to see flowers appearing in pots our pots await summer plants! Xx

  2. What a frost indeed, you can see the photos changing subtly can't you. Thanks for joining in with the challenge, I was thrilled to see it :)

  3. The weather has not been bad for tidying in the garden for most of I think.

  4. that is some frost and fog, the flowers look pretty

  5. Your view looks like it is very cold. Brrr! I'm glad to see your flowers starting to bloom.


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