Sunday, 17 March 2013

A birthday card for my Mum

I thought I'd show you the card I made for my Mum's 80th birthday.  I used to post a lot of cards on this blog, but it's been some time!  I made the card using papers which came with Simply Homemade magazine and made a pocket card to hold two tags.
The first tag featured photographs of my Mum from her teens, through the 1960s...

on the reverse a photo from the early 1990s and at my son's wedding 3 years ago.

The second tag, shown here in it's pocket, shows the 'gift' I am giving Mum for her birthday.

We are heading to London at the end of April to see a couple of shows and have Afternoon Tea at the Dorchester.
Here is the card, shown with the cake I made, more about the cake at Farmersgirl Kitchen

And here is my lovely Mum (not looking 80 at all) blowing out the candles on her cake at our family lunch today.


  1. Janice what a wonderful card, a clever way to capture those special memories of years ago and combine them with the memories to come on your trip to London. A very happy birthday to your mum.


  2. Wow what a lovely card and amazing cake. I bet your mum is delighted with them. And the presents, wonderful, Lion King is fantastic - Singin in the Rain is one of my fav films, sure it will be brilliant. Your mum looks absolutely fantastic - as you say not at all 80. Happy Birthday to her and could you ask her what here secret is, please xx

  3. Gorgeous cake and card, sure you will both have a lovly time at the shows too.

  4. Wow, she certainly doesn't look 80. Belated happy Birthday to her ! What you did for her birthday is gorgeous !

  5. What a beautiful card and so clever. I think it is just wonderful. Your mother looks no where near 80! You are lucky to be able to have her with you to celebrate. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Wow Janice what a great card and a lovely looking cake too. Hope you and your Mum have fun at the shows and the afternoon tea. :)

  7. your mum certainly doesn't look 80. That card is beautiful Janice.
    I expect you'll both enjoy her birthday treat.

  8. Your Mum looks amazing for 80!!
    I read your other blog about making the cake...I had thought you had made the sugar flowers until then LOL!!I was interested in seeing you covered the cake in buttercream before the fondant icing,never done that so must remember if I ever doa cake again...doubt it as my cakemaking days are long gone!!
    Lovely card and pressies to look forward

  9. You're such a lovely daughter, and your mum is absolutely lucky to have you in her life. The birthday card and the cake is a stunner! Did your mum get teary-eyed after receiving these? :)

  10. Thank you for your kind comments. Mason, there were no teary eyes at the birthday lunch but we have just returned from London and tea at the Dorchester brought a few tears, it was an amazing experience which I will be blogging about soon.


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