Friday, 29 March 2013

How busy?

“ Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”   Lynne has provided a really great quotation to work with this week and I'm pleased to say that it will be easy for me to create a post around this quotationWe have just returned from a Viking River Cruise, our tour was 'Portraits of Southern France' which started in Chalone sur Saone and ended in Avignon.  Here are a few photographs to illustrate just how much we packed into our week, lots of looking around and trying not to miss too much!

Hotel de Dieu - Beune

 'Hotel' is used as a term for many public bulidings, in this case a hospital run by nuns for the poor of the town of Beaune. Fantastic glazed tiles on the roof.

Wine tastin - Beaune

 We moved on to Lyon, this is the Cathedral, known as the upside-down elephant!

                                           French Street scene with flags.

                                  Vienne and the Roman Temple dedicated to Augustus and Livia

                                                        View from Vienne - Belvedere de Pipet

                                     The bridge at Tain L'Hermitage our only rainy day.

                                                               The Amphitheatre at Arles

                                             The bedroom of Vincent Van Gogh at St Remy

                                                    Here I am in front of the 'Pont de Avignon'

                                And here we are at Pont du Garde a fabulous Roman Aquaduct

We had a fantastic holiday and saw so much, looking back at the photographs it's amazing just how much we did and how many incredible sights we took in.  There are many  more photographs which will, no doubt, be featuring in future posts!


  1. What a beautiful trip you had. I am not too rusted as I recognized the Pont du Gard immediately on the little thumbnail. Glad you had such a nice time ! xxx

  2. I wrote a long comment and this thing ate it, Arrggh. Glad you had such a nice trip ! xxx

  3. Awesome trip! I have seen the Viking River Cruises advertised on one of the networks we watch on TV and they seem so exciting. Love seeing the photos of your trip!

    Lovely photos of you and your husband :)

  4. WOW Janice, that looks like our kind of holiday!!! All this look fantastic and what lovely weather you had! HUGS xxx

  5. Hadn't realised you were off on holiday!!

    I recognise a few of those places from holidays in france, Have looked at the Viking holiday cruises so was very interested in what you did!

  6. looks like you had a great time!

  7. It looks like you had a fantastic holiday. We've never fancied a cruise but I think we would like one of those river tours.

  8. Always wonderful to look at your holiday photos Janice. Glad you and Brian had a fantastic time. You're looking well. And we seem to have the same haircut at the moment haha. :)


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