Thursday, 27 September 2012

Vivid and Muted - 365+1

It seems I am more often on catch up now than on time with my 365+1 posts.  Here is the sunflower again for vivid.

Here is one I don't think you have seen before.  This is a stylised portrait of my gran, painted by my mum from a photogrpah.  The colours are beautifully muted.


  1. I love the portrait. It is a so beautiful. Your mum is very talented person.

  2. What an amazing painting, such a treasure.

    Lovely layouts. I too am playing catch-up at the moment, makes me crazy!! xxx

  3. OMG!
    What a beauty! I really can only be silent before these projects!

  4. Wow Janice I can see where you get your artistic talent from. Your Mum's painting is wonderful. I love it. :)


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