Monday, 3 September 2012

Thriving-Basket-Through a window-Ribbon - 356+1

A bit of a catch up after a busy week and a day out at a Food Bloggers Conference yesterday. Above you can see an ornamental grass which is thriving so well, it is taking over part of my garden!

Through a window show the view from what used to be the coal shed, out into the hay shed where we now 'park' the tractors!  Over on the right you can see the big hand drill which my FIL got from the local blacksmiths when it closed.  He used to help out there when he was at school.  We do occasionally use it.

It was a lovely day today and I was sitting outside on the patio.  This planter is ceramic but looks like a basket.


  1. As always, you absolutely delight us when you do a catch up. I love any one of them.

  2. great layouts, love the grass!

  3. Excellent catchup, Janice. It's good to have you back.


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