Saturday, 29 September 2012

Haphazard-Bridge-Stripes 365+1

Maya de Groot and some vintage images

I looked around for something haphazard and the mess of newspapers and books on the dining room table seemed to fit the bill!  I layered up digital papers and vintage images to create the same effect, then added a couple of 'tea' stains just for fun.

Inspiration Lane August 2010 Collab, Sketch: Lousette Ashton, Scrap 365 August 2012
As I'm on catch up, I raided my photos to find a bridge.  Behind me is the famous Ponte Vecchio in Florence,  I can't believe it was 2009 and that we were there, it doesn't seem that long ago.

Frame and flower - DSD by Athena
 This was an easy one for me.  I painted these stripes below the dado in my kitchen, hours of painstaking work with masking tape but I really like them.  I made a digital paper to match the stripes, something like that is really easy when you know how.


  1. I was in Florence too and I have almost the same photo of me !
    Love your stripes, very pretty !

  2. well done on the catch up, lovely layouts and the stripes are great, definately work the effort it took :)

  3. One of my favourite memories is of a day spent in Florence when I was 16. I have no pics of it, duh. I have one pinned to one of my pinterest boards to inspire me to get back there one day!

    You star doing that with your wall, very clever, it looks so cool and effective! xxx

  4. Love to see your catch up. I think all your layouts are great.

  5. Janice well done on catch up xxxx Love your kitchen wall!

  6. So easy to fall behind with challenges isn't it but well done on your catching up. Love the stripes in your hall. :)


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