Saturday, 11 August 2012

GOLD - 365+1

Digital Crea Collab - I'm like a bird
Just when you thought I'd be posting some gold medals from the Olympics...well I like to keep you on your toes!  It was a glorious day today and the flowers had a chance to open and smile.  I love the gold of the marigolds, they are easy flowers to grow and self-seed too, but still they open their daisy like petals with a big warm glow like the sun.

Connie Prince - My Wish for You
 But I couldn't resist a bit of speed-scrapping to celebrate Mo Farah's second Gold Medal, how exciting was that?  Fantastic athlete, incredible race, well deserved - GOLD!


  1. Well done on the teasing, you certainly got me ! Yes, it was fabulous !

  2. beautiful gold flower, well done on two layouts :)

  3. 2 lovely layouts. How do you do it each day? The colours in your flower photo are great.

  4. They are both fab! It will be strange not to have the olympics not to scrap!

  5. Ah but we have the Paralympics to come in a few weeks, Jennie


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