Thursday, 23 August 2012

365+1 Catch up

Hello fellow 365(+1)ers!  It's hard work doing this challenge when you have holidays and visitors.  I'm catching up after a few days so please bear with me.  

 For SQUARE I have chosen one of my food blog photos, the flapjacks are not exactly square but the plate is!

TRIANGULAR- a visit to the harbour at Kirkcudbright revealed some triangles on the fishing boats and in the lines between the cranes and the quay side.

Another photo from Kirkcudbright, Maclellan's Castle is featuring Rapunzel and her hair hanging STRAIGHT down from the castle window.
I'm gradually moving away from the Olympics (Paralympics next - ha ha) but the prompt STAR made me think immediately of Team GB and Mo Farah in particular.

This was a challenging prompt, I took this sunset a couple of days ago as it reflected off the flood water in the field.  The patterns in the sky and on the water are IRREGULAR.

So I've caught up now and, although I know I have a few days I'll have to miss, I will be sticking to the programme.  Next I'll have to catch up with all of the other blogs!


  1. Well done on catching up. All your LO are great but I really love the colours in your last one.
    Hope you had a good time with your visitors.

  2. well done on the catch up, I agree with Alison the last picture of the sunset is gorgeous.

  3. That's a nice catch-up, Janice. Some lovely photos and LOs.
    I am saying again I am not too interested in the paralympics, but I am sure I am going to get into them like crazy as I did for the Olympics !.

  4. Well done, love the look of those flapjacks and the sunset is indeed gorgeous x

  5. They are all lovely.. isn't it funny the unseen pressure we feel under to keep up to date.. satisfying though xx

  6. I agree with Kathijo. we put ourselves under our own pressure to keep up.
    I love your flapjacks. Have you a recipe? I like to try different ones.
    That sunset is beautiful.

  7. Thanks for all the comments. Yes we do put pressure on ourselves, but I'm a great believer in keeping my committments and I've come this far so barring anything major I plan to finish this!

    Viv - The recipe is for California Prune Energy Bars and it's on my cooking blog. Don't be put off by the prunes, you could use any dried fruit.


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