Saturday, 4 August 2012

Angry - 365+1

Sherwood Studios - Thrift
It was a warm day today, but by 2pm the clouds were gathering and we had some dramatic thunder and lightning, followed by torrential rain.  We had just been out for a walk with my son & dil's labrador, so were lucky we got back in time.  We were dog sitting as they had gone to the local agricultural show, I got a phone call at tea time to say they had got soaked and were drying off at dil's parents house, could we feed the dog as well.

As I know that Anne, in particular, is partial to a dog or two, here are some pics of Muffin on our walk.


  1. What weather you had !
    That's a beautiful place to walk a dog.

  2. that was lucky that you avoided the downpour- that would have been a wet angry picture :)

  3. good take on the word.. I am still thinking..x

  4. Great photo. My daughter rang from
    Cornhill, near Coldstream and said they could hear the Thunder rolling nearby.

  5. Mine is angry skies today too, we had the same weather, I haven't heard thunder like that for yonks :D

  6. wow what a very big black cloud - that must of travelled down the length of the country and we had torrential rain too yesterday.



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