Monday, 14 May 2012

Faceless Portrait - 365+1

Sit Back and Relax - a Digital Crea Collaboration
Today's prompt: It could be a self portrait or a portrait of someone else ... but snap things that make them 'them' ... those things you see that make you go "OH! That is so {insert name here}!"

This portrait is of my husband and his slippers, which somehow never seem to be on his feet!  He is always wondering where they are and, inevitably, they are under a table somewhere.


  1. That's a real nice one. Husbands are always looking for something that is under their nose, aren't they ? xx

  2. lol, oh dear, you will have to get him a pair of slipper socks :)

  3. lol- that could be my dh and his slippers!


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