Monday, 26 March 2012

Morning Routine - 365+1

L Bozeman - White space template and kit Marguerita Time
Posting a little earlier than usual as I'm on holiday today, that was also not partiucularly helpful for today's challenge as I am not in my usual routine! However, I've had some pain in my shoulder and neck since before Christmas,  it is beginning to improve but I still have to take these tablets three times a day, so they are very much part of my 'Morning Routine'.


  1. Isn't that Diclofenac? That's what I currently take for my back !

  2. Gosh, it's been interesting to see how many of us have some medication in our morning routine!

  3. I agree with Sian. Some of us do rely on medication

  4. Hope you feel better soon Janice. :)


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