Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Cooking - 365+1

SD Drum - Kitchy Kitchen, Amy Stoffel - La Cucina
Today's prompt made me smile, as I am always cooking and blogging aout it on my other blog Farmersgirl Kitchen.  However, Tuesday night is easy, we have fish and chips, cooked in the oven. It all started when my son was going straight out for guitar lessons and we had to have something quick and easy, he left home four years ago now, but we stuck with the easy meal.  Normally we would have frozen peas with it but I had been given some sweetcorn bites to review so we had them instead!  I'll be blogging about them very soon.  So not much cooking tonight at all!


  1. The sweetcorn looks delicious and the fish and chips sounds like a great meal!

  2. Still a tasty meal Janice. I like t he way the cutters have spelt LOVE. :)

  3. I love sweetcorn - it was always a treat when I was growing up and it still feels that way today


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