Thursday, 30 June 2011

Acrorn Bank Garden and Waternill

Arch into courtyard at Acorn Bank
For the second part of our holiday we headed south, not too far, but into the Lake District.  The morning was wet, so we stopped at the Rheghed Centre just outside Penrith for our lunch and a look around the shops.  By the time we had lunched it had cleared up and I had collected a pile of tourist leaflets. 
Clock Tower at Acorn Bank
In one of the leaflets I found Acorn Bank Garden and Watermill just outside Temple Sowerby between Penrith and Appleby, as we were heading to Appleby it couldn't have been better placed.
Walled orchard garden           

Waterlily in pond


We started our visit in the walled garden which is full of fruit trees and also has a lovely pond covered in water lilies and hiding two differnet types of newts, they took some finding but once you could see one you seemed to 'get your eye in' and could see more hiding in the weeds.

Medical Herbal Garden
The garden is best known for it's collection of medicinal and culinary herbs.  There were some lovely specimens, they even grew nettles - deliberately!
Damson Tree

Winter Sorrel


After our tour of the garden we changed into our walking boots and headed down the river walk to the restored Water Mill.  It wasn't far and there were a few features on the way, like this quiet backwater.
Pond on walk to Water Mill

Queen Janice on her throne!
There were two of these hand woven wicker chairs looking out over the river.
Rooster and Chickens at Watermill
The water mill itself wasn't much to look at, the one at New Abbey, close to home is much better, so I didn't take any photographs, but they did have this rather handsome cockerel and his 'ladies'.  It was a very pleasant way to pass the afternoon before we headed to our hotel - more of that soon.


  1. i love your 1st snap janice :) loving the chicken snap too ;)

  2. They have a great "Apple Day" event at Acorn Bank in the autumn (October, I think) - my mum and dad often go and I've been along a couple of times. It's a lovely place - glad you enjoyed it!

  3. ooooh I'm a sucker for an arched gateway shot!

    Lovely photos Janice and you really need to check out the DCM for this week - I'm sure that water lily photo could be made good use of.....

  4. Such a beautiful place Janice. That throne was made for you!! xx


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