Sunday, 3 July 2011

Staycation - Beatrix Potter Experience

We headed to Kendal on our Staycation but, it was not inviting.  The roadsigns were dreadful and we couldn't see where we wanted to go, so we decided to go on to Windermere instead.  One of the attractions of Windermere, apart from the lake, is the Beatrix Potter Experience.  This attraction might seem to be for children but there were more adults and Japanese tourists there than children, although to be fair it wasn't a school holiday time.

 After a short film about the author's life, the 'experience' is a series of tableaux from the books.  Some of them were very familiar to me, such as Jemima Puddleduck and Mrs Tiggywinkle.  Others less familiar, but what I found interesting was how unsentimental Ms Potter was about the animals she portrayed.

Mr Brock

Mrs Tiggywinkle

Mrs Tiggywinkle's Kitchen

Peter Rabbit is is the star turn at the Beatrix Potter Experience and there are quite a few displays featuring the naughty rabbit.

Mr McGregor

There is also a cute little 'Mr McGregor's Garden'  to visit.

Mr McGregor's Garden

Peter's Jacket and shoes
Janice at Mr McGregor's Garden
There was a large blackboard showing the original plants which could have been planted in Mr McGregor's garden.  These are replicated in the garden at the attraction.

I really enjoyed visiting the Beatrix Potter Experience, there was no restriction on photography, which is unusual and the various tableaux were interesting, particularly if you are familiar with the books and stories.


  1. The models in the tableux look beautifully made! Although I've been to Windermere many a time, I have never ventured in to the BP Experience - looks like fun!

  2. Janice, I loved seeing your photos and hearing of your visit to Windermere! My daughter and I were treated to a stop there on our trip to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales! That lake was very pretty too and we were there in the spring when the jonquils were blooming! Thanks for sharing your photos!!

  3. Very familiar with these books and the naughty little Peter Rabbit. I have many of his relatives living right in my yard and being just a naughty!

    I know I would enjoy this attraction. It looks so well done!

    And look at you as sweet as ever ~ in a jacket and scarf! You wouldn't be needing that here today :)

  4. Is this now on the Potter property? I visited the house a long time ago and loved every minute of it. The Lake District is so beautiful.

  5. Oh this looks like a lovely place to visit and remember childhood stories.
    I think Mopsy might be related to Peter Rabbit! xxx

  6. I've just had a catch up of all your blogging since my last visit - fab photos - I think my favourite is the water lily one further down. x

  7. Glad to read you had a great time at the Potter Experience although you are wearing a scarf - was it chilly?

    Great blog post Janice. :)

  8. those are so well done aren't they! we've been there but mike wouldn't let us go to see peter-'it's for kids' !!! but i think i would've liked it!!!


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