Thursday, 16 June 2011


Part Two of my holiday photos.
Pittenweem Harbour
Pittenweem Harbour was full of working fishing boats, as it was Sunday there wasn't much activity, but the blue sky was reflecting on the water in the harbour and it all looked very pretty.
View between the houses at Pittenweem

I liked this view between these two houses,  I think was probably a slipway when each house would have it's own boat.
Houses close to the sea wall
We walked right along to the end of the village where these little cottages cluster close to the sea wall,  they must get battered in the winter with the storms, but on a sunny day they created a little sun trap.  Lots of these houses are holiday homes for rent.

Brian walking along the sea wall
After Pittenweem we headed to the next village to have our lunch, the harbour at Anstruther is for leisure craft and very busy, but not nearly as attractive as the other village harbours.  My dad used to do a lot of sailing around this coast and often moored at Anstruther where it is customary to have fish and chips!

It would have been rude not to take advantage of such a well-known chippie with a clutch of awards to its name.  We sat in and had to stand in line for about 15 minutes to get a table. It's pretty much like that every day, especially in the summer.

Mum and I ordered the Haddock & Chips,  I did look at the sustainable option of Hake, but it came from the south west of Africa, so I thought I would sustain our local fishermen instead!  

Brian ordered Herring in Oatmeal with his chips, the waitress misheard and brought him haddock, so that had to go back and it took rather a long time for the herring to arrive, when this was pointed out they immediately volunteered to waive the cost of that meal.  The food was very good, but the service was a little hurried due to the high turnover. 
We decided not to go to Crail, the last of the villages, but to go on to St Andrews and have an ice-cream at Janettas, an ice-cream parlour which has been in St Andrews since 1908 and I remember as a child it was the only shop that was open in St Andrews on a Sunday!  It's very different now and they have 52 flavours of ice-cream and a long queue out the door.   I didn't take any photos of the ice-creams, but I had Chocamocca in a chocolate waffle cone.  The perfect way to end a perfect day!

In the next post I will tell you about my visit to The Verdant Works, Jute Mill Museum in Dundee.


  1. You didn't take a photo of the ice-cream?!? I forgive you :)

    Pittenween Harbour is so picturesque. A lovely staycation!

  2. Beautiful pictures (I thought yesterday's were great, but today's are even better) - look forward to the next ones. x

  3. lovely place again:)
    you sat in to have fish and chips and you didn't get them on a plate!!!

  4. Yes I agree Janice that image between the two houses is lovely but I can image the sea swelling right up there in the storms - scary.

    Yum yum to the fish and chips followed by an ice-cream even if you did have to make a journey for it.


  5. What fabulous photos Janice - the light is just perfect

  6. I love the East coast especially Ainster and Pittenween. Graham used to live in Ainster (Anstruther), his mum and dad owned the deli along and around the corner from the fish bar. We were there a few weeks ago. It is always a lovely day out and if you go into Sally's you get a whole pot of hot chocolate just for yourself. Such a treat!

  7. Oh and shame on you for not arranging to visit me while you were in Dundee!


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