Sunday, 13 February 2011

It's Sunday again - time for The Sunday Creative


Definition…noun; tender attachment
 I haven't shared this on my blog yet, maybe I wanted to hug my news to myself for a little longer.  Or maybe it is because this news does not just affect me.  However, as soon as I saw the prompt for this week's Sunday Creative I knew that it was time to share my new grandson with the world!
Welcome Travis
Granny Janice and Travis



  1. Awe...this is a beautiful photo of you & Travis!!! You look so happy and....soooo young!!! xxx

  2. Are you going to be "Granny Janice"? (DH is "Grandad Cliff" to his gradsons and I think it's rather nice to have your name as well as the title bit!) Lovely photo, very snuggly!

  3. Oh Janice!!!! Congratulations to you, Brian and the happy parents. How wonderful! You look like the proud mother let alone the proud grandmother. xxxx

    p.s. How spooky was the word verification for me... NOUNtsis

  4. Biggest hugs and congratulations! Precious little one and beautiful granny Janice!

  5. Beautiful! You will have lots and lots of fun.

  6. Great photo and great subject. The affection will run deep.


  7. Glamous Granny janice and beautiful Travis.

    Wonderful photo :)

  8. Huge congratulations, Janice, he is absolutely adorable and you look about as happy as a person can possibly get!


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