Sunday, 20 February 2011

How cute am I?

We had a delivery of calves last Sunday, this weekend was the first chance I had to take some photographs.  Mr Cutie above is a Charolais cross (all crossed with dairy cows) which is what gives him is lovely pale coat.
This one is a British Blue cross (they used to be called Belgian Blues), not so cute but looking bright.  He was tucking into some nice hay when I disturbed him.


  1. aaah they are really lovely Janice. I bet there coats are soft?


  2. VERY Cute! I like them both :)

  3. AWE!!!!!!! I want them to suck my fingers!!! xxx

  4. Your calves are sooo cute!!! We raised Charolais when I was a kid....I missed having cows so much my husband bought me a Scottish Highland calf one year for Christmas. :)


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