Saturday, 18 September 2010

At last a blog post!

You may have noticed that something strange has happened to my blog...I've had to revert back to the Classic  MinimaTemplate because all the new Blogger Templates are picking up on a photobucket background that has been withdrawn, leaving me with photobucket tiles all over my blog!  I've removed the background from my 'gadget' list but it presists in the new templates.  Anyone who has any ideas as to how I can 'clean up'?

I have not been completely idle since my last post on the 4th September, work is very busy just now and I am still without my paper crafting supplies as we await our very good, but very busy joiner/carpenter who will make the storage and work area for me.  So it's all digital creations again.

These two layouts are made using the You & Me (will always be) Kit which is on sale at Inspiration Lane Boutique for only $0.48!


  1. FAB layouts Janice. What cuties!
    Sorry to hear about your problems with Blogger. I have a tester blog & the new templates made a right muck up on there! Sending you BIG gentle hugs..hope you have a lovely Sunday & some 'me' time.xx

  2. Strange about blogger - I came here a couple of days ago and couldn't leave a comment - saw all the photobucket tiles. Hope you can get it sorted. It's always lovely to see you digi creations - love the bright orange. Hope the cough subsides so you can get some sleep tonight x

  3. Great layouts Janice. Love the shape of the photo frame in the second one. Who is the little girl?

    Hope you get the background changed soon - sorry can't help with the technical stuff. And where is the photo of you in your chef's hat gone? That needs to be put back :)

  4. Hey, good to hear from you, Janice! I haven't any suggestions or solutions to your background problem. Frustrating, isn't it? I do think your current page looks quite nice. But, I love white and tend toward a minimalist look.

    Your digital creations are great!

  5. great LO's as always janice,and what a bargin too :)

  6. Fab digi stuff, you always do it so well! Could it be simply that the images are cached so you computer is still trying to fill them in? Have you cleared your browser history?

  7. Blogger has been a right pain lately hasn't it? Hope you can get it sorted soon my lovely! Love the layouts...who are the children? XXX


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