Saturday, 13 February 2010

Stuck Static

My DS1 and his fiance have to leave the house they are renting fairly soon and have decided that while they save to buy or build their own place, they will live in a static caravan/mobile home/trailer in our field! So they went ahead and bought this 12ft wide home and had it delivered last Tuesday, only to find that although it got down the road, it couldn't get into the yard because of the buildings and the angles.

There have been various alterations going on all week, but today was the big day, we needed our road back again if nothing else!
This is a bit like the bit in Winnie the Pooh where Rabbit goes out of his burrow to see Pooh sticking out the other end (having eaten too much hunny and got stuck), so yes that is what it looked like at the other end. Just as well we have two roads into our farm!

A close-up of the stuckness
And finally, UNSTUCK! I took this from the window, it gives you a good idea of the size of this thing.
It's BIG
This is as far as we have got it, there was a lot of man handling as well as tractor pulling to get it to this position, but there is a bit of a dip into the field so we need to fill that with gravel before it can be sited in final position. I have to say that is pretty fab inside, lots of room in the living room and a biggish kitchen diner. The bedrooms are not so big, but they may knock two into one as the walls can be taken out.
More news on this development soon!


  1. They'll enjoy this even when it's bad. Good memories of funny stories to be told for years to come.

    Your farm really takes me back to a family friend's far in outside Worcester. I spent some very good times there.

  2. Glad there's been progress! What a task! and, yes, it is big - hope the rest of the job isn't too difficult x

  3. lol

    Just think it might be in your field forever once its in Janice!

  4. hahaha glad it has finally been unstuck! It is a whopper isn't? When they have moved out you could use it has a crafting space Janice. :)

  5. Wow, that's a lot of finagling in a very tight spot. So far so good! Best wishes!

  6. Goodness Janice what a tight squeeze. It does look fabby. Oooh just think if they leave it... it could be your very own craft den. :-D

    Happy Valentine's Day.xx

  7. what a great story.......when you said stuck i thought you meant in mud not between buildings LOL.
    this is what we stay in when we go on ours holidays-not sure i'd like to spend any length of time in one though.....good luck to them :)

  8. great they will have a great time living in their static, had many a caravan holiday.

    you must show us more pics as I just know they will have a gawjus patio with lots of pot plants and summer BBQ's

    one long holiday.

    thanks or sharing

    chriss x

  9. Had to chuckle at the Winnie the Pooh comment!
    So glad they got it moved in the end though.

  10. Life is never as easy in practice as it is in theory! LOL. You will look back on this as a big adventure. What fun.

  11. Hee hee, love the Pooh analogy! Glad it's finally unstuck, hope you get filled out, levelled off and in final position soon!

  12. Wow, that is big! Glad you finally got it unstuck. It will be nice for you having your son so close for a while....won't it?!

  13. Who...that is a whopper!!! So glad you got it unstuck tho! These caravans are great to live in tho a bit chilly in the winter. It will be great having them so close won't it? XXX


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