Saturday, 20 February 2010

Static Caravan part two

Here are the photographs I took last Sunday when we finally got the caravan into the field.
That is Shona standing by her new home!
You can just about see the view they will have from the side windows, it was a bit misty so it's not that clear.
There is lots of space in the living room. The drawers and out and the tables upside down because it was being moved.
Here is the other side with the gas fire and more seating.
This is the little dining area where the larger table will sit.
The kitchen is a reasonable size.
Small bathroom
with small shower!
Master bedroom
one of two twin bedrooms, although I think they are planning to remove the beds in at least one of these to provide more storage.

The whole thing has to be levelled and the utilities connected but we are having a week off from it this week. There has been other activity going on today but I'll do a post about that tomorrow.


  1. I have stayed in a caravan exactly like this one!!! There is loads of room & storage isn't there? Its going to be a great first home for them XXX

  2. Moving forward! Quite roomy place. After all of the hard work I imagine this young couple will be loving their cozy home!

  3. Looks perfect for them. :) Have a great weekend Janice.xx

  4. I've had holidays in these too - they're really comfy.

    You'll be able to go next door for a holiday Janice!

  5. lol Janice - bet they'll be glad when they finally move in.

    Love Lynda xxx

  6. Yes, I've stayed in one too and it's surprising how homely it can be.
    Glad its now in place xx

  7. The bathroom is the best one to squeeze on space, I reckon - you don't need to spend much time in there really, do you? Looks fab, just make sure they don't get too cosy or you might find you have more permanent neighbours than you were anticipating!

  8. Wow it is a lot bigger than I thought it would be Janice. Muffin won't be knocking things over with his tail. :)

  9. it'll be lovely and cozy in there once they get all their bits and pieces in there :)

  10. Makes me think of the Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz movie "Long Long Trailer". If you haven't seen it rent it. Seriously. They'll be really glad they've made this thing stationary and are not pulling it across the United States on vacation.


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