Sunday, 20 September 2009

Something Completely Different - Metal Moo!

We are still making Moos for Something completely different, the theme for this week is to put something metal on your Moo. I wasn't sure what I was going to use, but started looking through the DH's nuts & bolts and screws. The ones at the back door were too new looking, so I went out to the garage where the accumulated junk of about 100 years (I joke not!) are piled up on the work bench, I found this metal button and the little nut in one of the old drawers which were made by DH's grandfather who was a master joiner. I'd been reading the Claudine Helmuth tutorial in Craft Stamper, so the background has acrylics and masking, I also stamped onto tissue paper (another tutorial in CS!) but it is difficult to see that. There seemed to be something missing - Words! I turned to my 'cheap as chips' dictionary, I was going to use 'Metal' but I liked the sound of metallurgy better.

I went back out the the garage (or cart shed, as was it's original purpose) to take the photograph.


  1. Janice its FANTASTIC - so rustic and so original - love it.....fab article too isn't it...

    Thank you for joining us at SCD xx

  2. This is fab Janice! I love the look of your background as well as the wonderful old metal bits you found to go on there - how fab is that button?!

  3. I missed this yesterday! It's brilliant Janice, love this old metal bits. I think you need to hunt more out for ephemera - you'd pay a fortune for bits like that!

  4. Nice job! I like the bits of metal and where you found them!

    Muffin is so cute... bet he's lots of fun.

    Are you familiar with Alistair Begg (Truth for Life), another Scotsman? He is an awesome pastor I love to listen to (not just to hear his great accent but also for what he has to say) He pastors a church in Cleveland, Ohio. Just curious if you have heard of him :)

  5. Excellent Janice, what an unusual moo, love the word metallurgy - sounds a bit like a nasty illness!

  6. Metal Moo "Metallurgy" makes much more of Moos! Whew!

  7. Very textural(is that a word haha?) Janice!



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