Saturday, 5 September 2009

Birthday Album

You may remember that my great-aunt took me to The Seafood Restaurant for my birthday and I took pictures of all the food as well as of us at the restaurant. Before we left, she asked me if she could have copies of the photos. I decided that I should make her a little album, it's not a scrapbook just a little 5 x 7 photo album, but I did decorate the cover! I used sketch 36 from PageMaps Card Maps the papers are 'Madeleine' by K&Co and the letters were part of the candy I got from Anne of 'Pretty'.
Excuse the 'not deliberate' error! TraceyR pointed out that I have a letter missing :o and, do you know, I looked at that and thought there was something wrong, but I just couldn't spot it. No doubt, I will find the missing 'h' lurking somewhere under my craft desk!


  1. Loving all this deliciousness - both crafting and yummy food! x

  2. Janice lovely book but I think you have a letter missing. x

    Off to the kitchen to find out what delicious dessert you have made.


  3. OMG - you are right Tracey! You know I looked at that several times and thought it didn't look right but couldn't see what was wrong. Just as well my great aunt has macular degeneration, hopefully she wont notice!!! PS Bet I find that 'H' on the floor somewhere under my craft desk lol.

  4. Awe...this is beautiful Janice!!! I once made a birt day cake for my step son which he took to scouts. It was only when I looked at the photo's I realised the H was missing!!!! hahahahaha XXX

  5. This is just lovely janice, she'll love your little book - what a great momento

  6. Gorgeous book Janice. Love the colours.xx


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