Tuesday, 14 July 2009

DCM - Russian

It's Rein here this week and as our Russian girl Irina is here staying with us again my dare is put a matryoshka or another typical Russian element like dress, architecture, or... ..... on your card.

We visited Russia in 2006 and my card is inspired by the onion domes of St Basil's in Red Square. The Russian script says Happy Birthday and I couldn't resist 'From Russia with love' lol


  1. This is lovely - the colours and the sheen of the papers are really evocative of the onion domes - great idea Janice

  2. Hi Janice , i am so glad you found my art freebies blog and hope you will visit each day for the new images.
    love your russia card and what a beautiful puppy you have there
    hugs June xxx

  3. I agree with Kathy, the metallic-like paper used for the domes are perfect with the script background.

  4. Did you get your official translator on the job for the background paper? We only have your word for it that it says Happy Birthday - it could be a secret coded message with a plot to take over the world's stash, lol! Love your onion domes, the holographic card looks fab on them!

  5. Brilliant Janice. Fabby onion tops. Love your sentiment!

  6. Torn between Muffin and your card.
    Jokes glad to see something different and beautifully laid out
    ... sorry muffin still wins

  7. Perfect, this is great!

    Thanks for playing with my challenge!

  8. Love your onion domes - a wonderful card and perfect sentiment! :)


  9. ooo Janice..this is so very Russian!!! The domes look great! X

  10. a wonderful card Janice,
    lovely detail.
    Hugs Rachxx


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