Monday, 24 November 2008

HS:MS:HS Scottish

I had to do the HS:MS:HS today (thanks Gez for pointing me in the right direction) as a Scot it would have been rude not to! This is the Queen's View, not far from Pitlochry, in June this year and sums up the beauty of Scotland for me.


  1. The Queen's View, and now Janice's View.

    Unless you ARE the Queen....

  2. And the sky is always that colour, yes? ;o) Beautiful shot of a lovely landscape, Janice!

  3. Made the hairs on my arms go all goose bumply!

    Great photo Janice. My parents talked fondly of visiting Pitlochry, what a view. Stunning.

  4. Wowwwweeeee!!!!! What a stunning view.


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