Saturday, 4 October 2008

New College, Oxford

I've just spent a week at New College, Oxford on a course in Higher Education Management, this is a view of New College from New Buildings where I had my room.
This is the entry to stair 4, my room was on the first floor.

I had to haul my suitcase up this stone, spiral staircase.

My room overlooked Holywell Street.

It was a bit spartan but large and there was a fantastic shower.

This is the cloister, they filmed a bit of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire here.

Stained glass inside the chapel at New College.

The WWI war memorial was very poignant, so many lives lost.

Inside the chapel, the light wasn't good for the photo, but it gives you an idea of what it was like.


  1. What lovely surroundings to spend the week in - hope the course was beneficial.

  2. Welcome back Janice! What an amazing place to stay...brilliant pics you have taken. I always fancied having a look around the colleges in Oxford. X

  3. Looks like you had a good time - inbetween the serious stuff, eh?

    Nice pics

  4. What a wonderful place to be Janice! Such history and architecture.

  5. Dreaming spires indeed - some lovely pics Janice, glad you had a good week!

  6. Welcome back Janice. Looks a fab place to visit. Very historic. I was going to say looks a bit Hogwart-ish!! The Northern Lights trilogy (Golden Compass film) also starts in Oxford. Fab books. I would SO love to visit Oxford. Glad you had a good week. X

  7. Fantastic photos Janice!
    Glad you had a good week and its nice to have you back....x

  8. Welcome back Janice. Great photos and I love the stained glass windows of the Church. XX

  9. So pleased you had a good time Janice and the weather stayed fine.

    I love the photo of the spiral staircase although I don't envy you carrying your suitcase up all those steps. :)

  10. great photos janice,i love the stairs one :)


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