Thursday, 28 August 2008


This seems to be the only kind of 'sun' we are going to get this week. These are my MIL's sunflowers, they have finally decided to flower and very gorgeous they are too, that bee thought so as well - hee hee.


  1. Beautiful tall are they??

  2. Just what is needed to cheer you up on rainy days isn't Janice. :)


  3. oh, lovely sunflowers - only one of mine has flowered so far - not sure if it's grotty weather or the fact that the seeds were a bit past their sell-by date....

  4. Lovely sunflowers - wonder if you get such a thing as rainflowers too.

    Also on a more serious note, does anyone know if rabbits eat them, as I have a terrible bother with them - they even ate my new twisted willow tree.

    Lisa xoxo


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