Friday, 8 August 2008

Brian's Birthday 'Card'

This is the 'card' I made for my husband's birthday. I had the template saved on the computer and it is by Sherry Graves, but I just can't remember where I found it. I embossed the celtic stamp and the 'Stampin' up' sentiment stamps with gold and also did the edge of the mug and the edge of the handle. Inside the mug is a package of very yummy chocolate biscuits.

This is the card that our dear son, Steven and his girlfriend, gave to Brian. Hee hee hee.


  1. Hope you've got your badge back Janice.

    Great card you made Brian.

    Hope he had a great day too.

    Traceyr :)

  2. My gosh Janice, what a brilliant card you have made for your hubby. Love all the celtic stuff too. Well done lovely. XX

  3. What a great 'card' you made Brian. Lol! at the card to dad.

  4. Wow - great "card" Jannice - I'd like to see the envelope you put that one in though!

    Great card from Steven too - he obviously knows who to keep on the right side of...

  5. What a fantastic alternative card! Love the earthy/neutral with the gold embossing, looks really classy!

  6. WOW I love that 'card' from you to Brian!!! Such a fun thing to make and recieve!!! As for the other only tells the truth doesn't it hahahahaha X


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