Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Drumlanrig Castle

On Sunday, I took my Mum and my sister to Drumlanrig Castle. This is the approach to the castle from the drive. It is one of those long 'Pride and Prejudice' type drives, you can just imagine arriving in your carriage (one for 'Her Majesty', Tracey!)
This is a plan of how the house and garden was laid out. We went round the castle and had a look at the gardens, they also have a Farmers Market once a month and we were lucky that it was on Sunday, so had a look round that too.
This is my Mum and my sister outside the castle - you can see that they are behaving themselves in a ladylike manner!

Don't know who these two mad laughing types are though! Well...actually, we were laughing because I took off my glasses for the photo and then Mum took her's off too - ah vanity!


  1. Wow that looks a great place to visit Janice. So how long was it before you both found your specs then??? X

  2. Marm, I don't believe you visited this castle. I think this is your weekend residence. LOL :)

    Traceyr x

  3. WoW, Janice... I didn't know you, your mom and sis visited MY home... you should have told me... I'd have had you in for dinner!


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