Saturday, 12 January 2008

Found some photos I forgot to blog

I took these just after New Year, when I went looking for the wild ducks in our flooded bit of swamp. The ducks flew off as soon as I went near, so I had to make do with some rather wet looking pictures. The one above is my tree and this one will be going in the digi journal I am going to make of the tree over the year.
This is the back of the willow patch that grows along with the reeds in the field next to the house known as 'the side o' the hoose' field - we are nothing if not literal!

This is the side we see from the house, another lovely tree in the background, it's a Scots Pine and we have had buzzards nesting in it in the past. As well as the ducks we have a pair of herons which frequent this flooded bit of land and one year there was a baby. It's like living in your own wildlife sanctuary.


  1. Looks lovely Janice, the tree journal will be great when it's done, I'm sure!

  2. Aww Janice! Your own little nature reserve. How lucky are you?!

  3. I love your photos Janice and am looking forward to seeing how your tree changes with the seasons and the light.

  4. Beautiful photos Janice. I'm also looking forward to seeing piccies of your tree throughout the year.


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