Saturday, 19 January 2008

DCM Dare and Rosie's Blog Candy Challenge

The closed Prism One side of the prism says Happy Birthday The other two have 2 and 1 for 21 on them
Inside the exploding prism
Another view of the inside.

This is a 21st card for my eldest son, Steven. It also fits very nicely with the following two challenges:

Rosie (Freycob)'s Birthday Blog Candy. It's far too near to my 40th Birthday for my liking! To celebrate, I'm offering some blog candy for anyone who wants to make a card for a milestone birthday.

Make your card, add it to your blog and leave me a comment so that I can go and find it

DCM Dare - Okay, for my dare we're heading to the playground for a game of
Hide & Seek
I'd like you to make a card which has a hidden component of some sort.
The hidden part could be a tag, a concealed photo, message or something along those lines, maybe a pull-out or pop-up.
Anything goes as long as there's something extra for the recipient to find on your card that's not immediately visible when they open the envelope.
The Design Team have made some fab cards to help get you thinking - but you'll have to visit their personal blogs to see the hidden extra!


  1. This is ... stunning !
    You did an awsome job !!

  2. Janice this card is fabulous! Love the shape and the 'exploding' inside!

    Thanks for taking part in my birthday blog candy challenge. You're on my list!


  3. Wow, fantastic card Janice, what great idea

  4. What an amazing card - fantastic idea for someone special!
    Judy NZ

  5. Wow, this is amazing! Great card for a special occasion!

  6. super card and fitting the bill for all occasions.
    Steven will be chuffed to bits with it.

  7. WOW - a fantastic card!! :)

  8. Fantastic card Janice, very different.....

  9. wow janice, this card is amazing - you're so clever to have made this - I think we need a nice easy to follow class for this one please!

  10. Wow its brilliant. Fantastic idea. Love it.

  11. This looks fab Janice - love the springy bits! I'm sure Steven will love the fact you spent time doing special stuff for his birthday.

  12. Fab card Janice!! Might have to try one of those!

  13. Very stunning & special card, so much detail and thought!

  14. What a super card - love the way it opens up.


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