Sunday, 28 October 2007

What I did yesterday...

This is the little cat that I made with hand needlefelting. It's not a very good picture, but I've tried lots of different angles and can't seem to get him right. He reminds me of Mog, from the children's stories.

This is a sample I made with the Embellisher Machine at my needlefelting workshop. I like all the textured bits (made on a wooden skewer and then attached with the machine) I just loved using the machine.

Here is another piece I made on the machine. Just a sample piece, trying out different pieces of fabric and fibres. And yes, I have ordered an embellisher - it makes felting so much easier.


  1. I'm afraid I'm an ignoramus because I have no idea what needlefelting is or what an embellishment meachine is, or does!!

    Love the shots though - the tree is wonderful!

  2. Beautiful samples Janice, looks like you had fun experimenting with the machine! (enough fun to part with cash, evidently :o)

  3. why is it we always have to buy the equipment when we go to classes.. looks like you have had fun.. great pieces of work

    caroline x

  4. Love the felt work, I have had a go at dry felting, my sister makes hand bags and loads of there things made with wet felt :~) xx

  5. Beautiful artwork, Janice. And I love the card you did for the DCM challenge.

  6. Oh you lucky thing getting an Embellisher.. I'm still saving for one :( I will get one eventually :)
    Love your pieces of needle felting they are fab :D
    Beautiful card for DCM too!!

  7. ooh, you are naughty Janice! Mind you I HAD to have my sewing machine when I saw it demonstrated a few years back as it embroiders too. Know how you feel.

    Hope you have many happy hours with it! LOL



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