Sunday, 28 October 2007

Embellisher Machine

For those who don't know what this is

-here is a picture. Yes, it looks like a sewing machine.

Here is what it does:
'Pfaff Smart 350p Embellisher

Pfaff have produced this fantastic machine the 350p Embellisher that uses No Thread! absolutely wonderful for experimentation, felting and creative fun. Produce wonderful textures, backgrounds and special effects with the Embellisher that suits all ages from 8 upwards.

About the Pfaff Smart 350p Embellisher

The Embellisher is not a sewing machine - it is a "punching machine". Instead of using thread, it works with several specially shaped needles to create the most unbelievable effects. All you need are scraps of fabric, yarn, wool, felt, denim, silk – each material results in a different effect. Just lay two or more materials on top of one another and you’re ready to go. The needles of the Embellisher mesh the fibers of the fabrics together. The results are whimsical details and dramatic surfaces. Its pure creative fun and an unlimited source of inspiration that will suit both designers and all those with creative minds. Beautiful: Make felted graphic motifs, especially on wool fabrics or lay woven patterned fabric on a background fabric and “stitch” over it and let yourself be surprised!Pick up on the latest trend: Embellishments or worn effects on denim – they’re easy to do with smart 350p. '

1 comment:

  1. Erm, I think I need one :oD

    Admit to never seeing one before, but it sounds interesting and rather fun!

    Jules x


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