Tuesday, 30 October 2007


I had a message on my mobile, so I called the number back and it was the delivery driver for my embellisher machine. He was on his way back to the depot. He couldn't find my house (boo hoo), I explained how to get to it and he must have been quite close because he described the house just up the road. It should be here tomorrow - hurrah!


  1. How frustrating! Love the embroidery you've shared for HS:MS today. Thanks for your encouragement on my blog.

  2. huh, I hate it when that happens! We used to live in a really hard to find place and always had trouble with deliveries. We've moved now to a really busy main road, no more "can't find you" excuses here!!

    Have fun tomorrow!

    Jules x

  3. How annoying, hope it gets to you tomorrow


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