Monday, 26 January 2015

Game of Thrones Birthday Card

You can leave your hat on!
I dare you to use any kind of head gear on your card: party hats, helmets, woolly hats, crowns, fascinators etc.
Thanks for the inspiration Daring Cardmakers!

This is a bit of a cheat of a card, a few stick on crystals, honestly, I know you can hardly see them but they are there, and some gold pen around the edge to frame this image from Game of Thrones, the favourite tv series of my eldest son, whose birthday was at the weekend.  So much for my huge efforts to locate a suitable image (including some headgear) he didn't even recognise it and only 'got' it when he opened his gift, which was a t-shirt from the same programme.  

It doesn't half make you feel old and granny-like when you have no idea about what they are watching, the t-shirt was only right because I consulted my younger son on the details!


  1. An inspired take on the dare, even if he was slow on the uptake - looks fab! GoT is huge but I'm with you - never seen it (don't have the necessary channel even if I wanted to).

  2. I not familiar with the programme either Janice but the card is good. :)

  3. Never mind. I'm sure he loved his birthday card afterwards =)

    Thanks for joining the Daring Cardmakers with your great crown.


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