Sunday, 26 February 2012

Light - 365+1

Coppercurls Designs (Roxi Hardegree) Time Passage, Generations
It was still daylight at 5.20pm


This is the card I made for my younger son's birthday, it may look familiar as I featured it in my layout for 23rd February 'It's in the detail'


  1. Oh what a great idea Janice! Loving the lighter evening. And that card is fab!!!

  2. Great idea for a photo, I might have to lift this :)

  3. You are welcome to lift from this layout/idea. I had just left it a little late so was a spontaneous thought!

  4. Love your response to the photo prompt and your card is brilliant x

  5. These are both gorgeous Janice! I love your idea for the photo prompt xxx


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