Friday, 1 April 2011

Royal Scottish Academy: New Contemporaries, Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle
My goodness, it seems a long time since we had a day out in Edinburgh.  But today, Mr Serial Crafter and my friend Avril and I took the train to Edinburgh for a birthday treat for Avril and to visit the Royal Scottish Academy: New Contemporaries Exhibition.

We were particularly keen to visit as my son's girlfriend, Hazel Gore, is one of those who were selected to exhibit.  The catalogue states 'the task of the selectors, comprising academicians and art shcool staff, was to idenify quality, talent and excellence' we are very proud of Hazel, but also of our son Andrew who worked with Hazel to co- produce and film the animated film "Poison Ivy".  He also composed and played the music.  You can see some of Hazel's previous work HERE

National Galleries of  Scotland

There were many fabulous works of art, sculpture and architecture and some rather strange things, but hey that's modern art for you.  I took a few photos, but don't feel I can publish them as I would not have permission, but here is a little peep at one of the credit shots for Hazel's animation.

Credits from Poison Ivy, by Hazel Gore
The next part of this post is about the celebratory lunch we had for Avril's birthday and as it is a foodie related post you will have to tranfer to my foodie blog Farmersgirl Kitchen!


  1. Oh excellent! I am always so impressed by creative and talented people!

  2. Oh heart be still to take a walk along the Royal Mile. You lucky girl you.

  3. How long is the exhbiition on for Janice? I'm gong to be in Edinburgh late April and it would be good to check it out if it's still on!

  4. The exhibition is on until 13th April.


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