Sunday, 9 January 2011

Strathmore Online Art Workshop - Journal Page 2

The second workshop and video is up on Strathmore Online Art,.  I worked from the PDF rather than watch the video which is why my journal is quite full on with the oil pastels, the demo was much more subtle lol!  I'm glad I did though, I think it is too easy to be influenced by the instructor, I want to learn but don't want to copy.
Here is a close up of the girls on the left, probably my favourite bit of the page.

And here is the teacup fairy, I like how the cup came out, not so sure about the fairy!

I'm hoping that there will be the opportunity to add more white to this, or I might just have to do it myself, as I feel it is rather dark.  I'll see what is in the next workshop before deciding whether to go my own way.


  1. ooo I love all those colours Janice! The page looks fabulous, well done you! xxx

  2. How interesting to see the progress, love the bold colours.
    Sue x

  3. loving the clouors janice,well done ;)

  4. I agree with what you said about being influenced by seeing Pam Carriker's easy to want to make something similar to fact that has bogged me down a bit

    Love your colorful pages from both classes to far!


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