Sunday, 10 October 2010

Your Hand on my Shoulder

Art Journal 10.10.10 - Your Hand on my Shoulder
Here is my first Art Journal page, you saw the background I had done last week.  Well, one of the things I learned from Dyan Reaveley's demo was that you could do your very personal journalling and then cover it up!  I had a difficult week at work last week and I was able to journal what I felt. The hand on my shoulder is my Dad's, he faced a lot of challenges in his work and I visualised his hand on my shoulder, a supportive gesture to get me through.  Hey, quite deep for a first page, don't you think?  Not promising that it's going to be like that every week, but I have prepared my background for next week, so watch out!

Cut out Letters and girl's head are by Maya de Groot. Arrows are Joyful Heart Designs - Alter Me,  Torso with hand on shoulder sourced on Google images.


  1. Love it Janice. You've done an amazing job for your first page and I'm so envious you got to see Dyan demo!
    can't wait to see your next pages!!
    ps I love the fact its a personal page for you and you were able to share it xxxx

  2. Fantastic job on this Janice - so glad you found a way to do something that really means something to you personally but you can still share - fab!

  3. I can't believe this is your first page! What a brilliant idea to write your feelings down & cover them up after...kind of like puting them to bed. Wonderful work my lovely XXX

  4. Its lovely Janice. Love all the colours and the idea of covering the journalling...x

  5. ooo Janice this is superb. Wow just a quick demo at Ally Pally has led you to create this - just think what an actual workshop with Dyan could get you to produce?



  6. This is great Janice, and the message behind it is very special. I too think of my dad by my side when faced with difficult stuff

  7. Oh this is such a poignant creation with that lovely thought of your dad's hand on your shoulder. Wow! to this as a first journal page - you are already a pro at this - love it x

  8. Hard to believe this is your first journal page. You are a natural. Love the page and the thoughts behind it. Very special.


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