Saturday, 16 January 2010

I've joined the club!

Only the '25th Club' that is running on Bubbly Funk Forum. Last year the BFers had a 25th Club and pledged to make a certain number of Christmas cards each month. I didn't take part last year and ended up with a last minute scramble for C cards, so decided to take part this time. We had added a monthly theme to the challenge which helps to focus our 'club members' on the task in hand lol!

Here is what Angelnorth gave us as a recipe for our January cards:

Turquoise (or blue) and silver

Swirl(s) of some sort (could be stamped, doodled, chippie, embossed, grungeboard, whatever)
Something sparkly or shiny (e.g. glitter, gems, metal)


  1. I do like your thinking here - great idea with the wire swirly trail for the snowflake (even if it is an anatomically incorrect one!)

  2. This card is fab - I love the addition of the wire...x

  3. Very stylish this card and I love the wire on it too. Fabulous Janice. :)


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