Saturday, 18 April 2009

Artarazzi Challenge 18 - Desiree

Here is the Artarazzi image for altering this week. I have sort of combined it with a Digital Art Quirks collage challenge using some of the collage items provided in the impromptu challenge.
My DS2 is home this weekend and suggested that it should be called 'desire', I have feminised it a little to make it Desiree.


  1. Nice carnival/mardi gras feel you've brought to this - you're very good at this digi stuff!

  2. Janice, Desiree is beautiful. What you have done with the image is unique and creative! It was tough working with a face that had pieces of it missing! You did great.

  3. You are so clever with this digi work x

  4. Brilliant Janice. You have a natural talent. Well done. xx

  5. What a fantastic idea Janice !
    Every time I am so curious what you have done with the challenge.
    You really can be PROUD of yourself....and Desiree


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