Saturday, 12 July 2008

Two lovely surprises

First I received my bookmark from Hazel (craftyhazelnut) from the Bubbly Funk Bookmark Swap. It is very lovely, with little quilled bees on it. I have displayed it on the BF book of the month from our book club.
I got even more of a surprise on Friday at work. I have recently been promoted and will be working at another site on two days each week, but it has all been fairly low-key as it is an extension of my role rather than a new job. We were going out for lunch as another member of staff was leaving and there was a card and a bouquet for me too! I was really not expecting that at all and it was lovely.


  1. what a lovely book mark :) and well done on your promotion janice:)

  2. The bookmark looks lovely - great quote! How wonderful to get flowers you're not expecting too - lovely!


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