Saturday, 19 July 2008

Conference Stash!

I was at a conference in Edinburgh from Wednesday to Friday this week. Apart from the working bits, there was plenty of time to socialise and network with colleagues. This included, a trip to George Street for some retail therapy, I never spent a penny but helped my new friend to spend quite a lot in the sales at Jigsaw and Hobbs. We then went to John Lewis looking at Radley bags, but they don't have the one I want for my birthday so I'll have to get it on line. We finished the trip off with a visit to Harvey Nics restaurant for a cocktail and some nibbles, then back to the hotel for a champagne reception and the conference dinner. Hey, you have to have some perks when you are away from home for three days!

However, that does not explain the conference stash. I'm always on the look out for things that might be stashable but there was a decided lack of them. However, I did know that there was a little shoppie in the Grassmarket called 'Helios Fountain' (I've been there before) so I nipped out one lunch time and picked up some A5 card bags that I needed for the Think Pink card sale and some nice black and white buttons and a couple of cards of ribbons fell into my basket. On the way back from Helios Fountain (all of two minutes from the hotel) I saw that there was a lovely embroidery shop which I hadn't seen before.
I went in to have a look and found this lovely space-dyed mulberry bark and the beautiful space dyed thread. I have no idea what I am going to do with them but I really love the colours.

Here is the one bit of true conference stash I managed to aquire, a free muslin bag stamped with a conference sponsors horrible logo, but I thought it would be easy enough to create a panel and sew it over the top of it. It's a nice roomy bag so I just need to get on and do something with it!


  1. That space dyed yarn/thread looks gorgeous, so richly coloured! The bag is definitely ripe for altering. You could even stitch two or three panels of fabric on there (a la card or scrapbook LO) and maybe add one of your lovely felt flowers too!

  2. It got to be good if you go to a conference and end up with more stash!!! Be keen to see what you do with the bark Janice woof woof X

  3. Good to hear it wasn't all work then Janice......
    That bag looks easy to tart up - you could dye it, stitch a panel over it - or maybe make the panel double thickness so you can incorporate a pocket at the same time

  4. i love your lo janice,very regal looking :)
    i love the stef francis stuff too,she does some nice kits too you know!!!!

  5. Well done for fitting in time for the shopping - a girl after my own heart.


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