Monday, 13 July 2015

Thistles - Image of the Week #IOTW

This is my Image of the Week #IOTW the one I like best.  Thistles are terrible invasive weeds but the bees and butterflies love them and I always try to capture a few in flower before cutting them down in the hope that a few fewer seeds will mean they don't take over our hedgerows and fields and leave room for some of the other lovely wild flowers and plants.

The theme for #IOTW  at Truly Madly Kids this week was 'Flash' I tried to take some different flash shots, but wasn't really happy any, here are a few of them.  Obviously needing to do more work on this.

Bird nest in hedge, hay rake, lavender, blacksmiths drill

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  1. Your thistles are beautiful! I actually think your lavender is quite a good flash shot! Thanks so much for linking up to #iotw


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