Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The View - September

Warm September brings the fruit
sportsmen then begin to shoot..

Well this warm September has certainly brought the fruit to the hedgerows.  We have more brambles (blackberries) than I've ever seen and many of them are huge!  There are also rowan berries in this photo and, although not shown, more rose hips than I've seen for a long time.  

I'm fortunate that we have two roads into our farm and each has a hedgerows full of fruit. I spied these when I was taking the bins down to the end of the road to be emptied tomorrow, one of the less attractive aspects of rural living. 

Muffins are very easy to make, one bowl of wet ingredients another of dry ingredients, gently mix together and add in whatever is seasonal.  These are based on a Blueberry Muffin recipe substituting the brambles for the blueberries.

And here is The View for September.  I took this photo on the 1st September and it wasn't such a nice day, things are still pretty green and a lot of my pots are still in bloom.  I'm really pleased with the pink scabious which has bloomed all summer and is still blooming, I'm definitely getting one of those again. 


  1. Your skies look like the are getting ready for Autumn.
    I have a lot of fun picking up berries, but the only I really like are strawberries and raspberries. Only exceptions are blueberries in muffins. Pity you live so far away, LOL xxx

  2. Even on a cloudy day your view is gorgeous! The muffins look scrummy! xxx

  3. Those muffins looks scrumptious. We have also noticed the abundance of fruit around us.

  4. I would love to have berries readily available like that! You are lucky. The muffins look so yummy. Too bad I couldn't reach through the computer to snag one. Your view is lovely.

  5. I haven't even thought of fruit and berries, been too busy on the beach until yesterday and too busy to blog too, sorry :(

    I see you on FB though :)

  6. Hmm your muffins look decilious. Glad your pots are still doing well. xx


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