Tuesday, 20 August 2013

How things change - Lucky Snapping

We are on holiday spending most of our time close to home.  Yesterday we decided that, as the weather was dry, we would climb up a local hill to a view point called Joe Graham's Monument.  Joe Graham was a local huntsman and I always thought the monument was constructed because he had been killed during a hunt.  However, on doing a bit of research I discovered that this was far from the truth.  The inscription on the monument reads, "In Memory of Joe Graham for many years huntsman of the Dumfriesshire fox hounds who died in 1893 at the age of 80 and now he has gone far far away we shall never hear his voice in the morning".

Here is the monument as it looked yesterday.

Me at the monument yesterday

And here I am in 1980 which was the last time I made it up to the top!  

And here is Brian yesterday...

and in December 1978, on seeing this he said "how on earth did I get up there?"

And that is why I thought these photographs would be ideal for 'How things change!'

Another look at the view of the valley from the hill.

Here is another thing that has changed, Brian snapped this picture of me sharing the Instagram photo at the beginning of this post, to Facebook and Twitter. I was surprised to get a 3G signal up there! 

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  1. Hi Janice, lovely to see the different ages.. do you ever see that site called Dear Photograph, some of the shots are amazing and very touching.. hard to do though and get the images clear enough.. x

  2. Fabulous photos Janice ! I have moved too much to have 2 pictures in the same place. Yours are really great ! xxx

  3. beautiful view and great to see the photos of you both at the same place years apart

  4. Loved seeing you both at the same places at diff times
    Hope you are really getting away whilst still at home xx

  5. That's a lovely idea to show us photos of the same place at different times. You do live in a lovely place

  6. Fabulous photos - so great to see the difference.

  7. Great photos Janice. You will have to tell Brian he was a lot younger and flexible then hahaha.


  8. My goodness Janice! You haven't changed that much have you?

    Really lovely photos - and wonderful to have the time-warp versions to compare!

  9. Fab photos, Janice! How wonderful to "compare notes". You haven't changed at all, the same slim girl.

  10. ha, thanks Fiona and Galina. Not quite so slim though!


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