Monday, 1 July 2013

The View - July

Hot July brings cooling showers
apricots and gilly flowers

Well we certainly had cooling showers this first day of July, but no sign of it being hot!  I took the photo this evening at about 7.30pm so, although still light, it's not very bright looking. 

My pots are getting well established and starting to provide some colour, hard to believe that I planted them a month ago and they are still not all flowering yet.  The herbs, on the right, have taken off though and are featuring in my recipes.

I've been struggling for time through June so haven't had much time for Lucky Snapping.  I hope I will manage a few more posts this month.


  1. What a lovely green view you have, Janice.
    My pots seem to have raced on since we planted them but my small garden is sheltered.

  2. That is a stunning view and the pots are looking lovely.

    I think we all owe Lucky snapping a few posts, but as long as we can check in now and again that is the important thing.

  3. I cant believe its July, the weather certainly doesn't help to think it is July.

  4. The weather is very unfair with us too ! xx

  5. I hope that the weather will improve soon. We all need some hot summer days. Your pots look lovely!

  6. Well as I write this our summer has finally come this weekend!!

    Hope your plants are flowering now in this heat?

  7. Lovely pictures. Fresh herbs are so nice to have.


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