Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A Lunchtime View

I am very fortunate to work close to a beautiful parkland area and rockery garden.  It is actually part of a former psychiatric hospital which is now used in different ways since the introduction of care in the community.   I sat on a bench and ate my lunch in the sunshine looking at all the stunning trees and shrubs.  The garden is definitely at it's best in the spring and early summer.

There are many Rhoddedendron bushes in the gardens, this yellow flowering one was looking really good, some of them have started to deteriorate already.

One of my favourite things about this garden are the two Magnolia trees, particularly this one with the pink cup shaped flowers, they are so beautiful, they really bring a smile to my face.

Another favourite is the 'Handkerchief Tree' Davidia involucrata (dove tree, handkerchief tree, pocket handkerchief tree, ghost tree).  I don't think I've ever seen this tree in such excellent condition, the white bracts blow in the breeze like handkerchiefs.

I'm not sure what this tree is, but it also has lovely blossoms and was completely covered in them.
 I really enjoyed being out in the sunshine during my lunch break, it just makes you feel so much better.  I hope it will last till the weekend.


  1. Oh wow, just gorgeous flowers. I too adore the magnolia trees and when they are in full bloom have a drive round to see the ones I know about in the neighbourhood :)

    I love the pocket handkerchief tree as well. 'My' tree has leaves that I always think look like that, but it doesn't flower. I am definitely going to go to our park and see if there is one. x

  2. I never imagined magnolias growing in Scotland. There is one down my road that is in bloom right now, but we have a fairly Mediterranean climate. I'm fascinated to think of one in Scotland.

    I do like to say with a thick southern accent, "The magnolias are in bloom ya all."

  3. I didn't know Rhododendrons can be yellow. I love Magnolias too. That is such a beautiful park ! xx

  4. The flowers are beautiful. Your magnolia has pink flowers while ours here have white flowers. Everything is gorgeous!

  5. Yes fingers crossed indeed Janice. Here's to many more warm sunny days.

    Hope you and yours are well.


  6. That garden is gorgeous.

    I love the photos around your farm as well.


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