Sunday, 8 April 2012

Lots and Lots - 365+1

Sherwood Studio for Digichick - Thriftique, the back room
Most of these CDs belong to my husband.  It is a running joke that I only own two CDs, however I have to say that the top two rows are probably all mine, the rest are jointly owned or stuff that I would never choose to listen to!


  1. It certainly is a lot. Initially I thought they were books !

  2. I nearly took a photo of the bookcase this morning- that's the thing I have lots and lots of!

  3. That is some collection. I hardly ever play my CDs as they are now as I have most of them on my computer. It's a shame as those I haven't yet transferred hardly ever get played.

  4. What a lot of CD's. I also thought they were books. I love the way you have taken the photo in the mirror


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